Opening the Door to Effective and Efficient Local Government

Opening the Door to Effective and Efficient Local Government

Mayor, Herb Roach plans to use his 40 years of executive management experience to motivate and to develop an organization that will be “second to none” in managing O’Fallon’s many areas of responsibility and in ensuring world class customer service to all citizens.

“Having been responsible for global quality programs and having been trained by some of the best in the world, I can assure you that we will institute and use proven business practices to achieve quality in the services that we render to you.” said candidate Roach.

“One way to help eliminate the need for new taxes, new fees or increases to both is to institute procurement programs that will allow us to get the lowest costs for items we purchase. I have implemented such programs for organizations and know what it takes to do it effectively.  No longer will we spend millions of dollars without getting multiple bids. I will ensure we get the best deal for our taxpayer dollars.”

Under Herb’s leadership, O’Fallon will reach out to other communities and other governmental agencies to develop buying consortiums to drive costs down.  Other cities and government entities already have buying consortiums, but the concept was never accepted by the current administration when Herb proposed the concept to city management as an Alderman.

Herb outlined his plan for an effective and efficient administration.

  • We will work with our schools to see how we can jointly reduce costs. Working together we can have a positive impact on the overall taxes paid by our homeowners and businesses as we collaborate on projects and eliminate duplication of services.
  • We will streamline our processes to reduce administrative costs and to more efficiently serve our citizens.
  • We will institute businesses practices that will prevent losses that occurred under the current administration.  The City of O’Fallon lost over $5 million dollars in revenue because it failed to properly monitor Ameren’s collection of utility taxes. The City suffered a $200,000 loss because property was not properly insured when a fire occurred. Oversight failures like these take money out of the City’s reserves and cause tax increases for residents that would not have been necessary.

Transparency and accountability will be KEY elements for the Roach administration. Mr. Roach continued, “We will visibly, predictably and understandably promote citizen participation and will insist on local government accountability to the taxpayers.  From the office of Mayor, to other elected officials, to city employees, there will be no doubt about who we work for.  It will be very evident that we respect and are responsible to the citizens of O’Fallon at every level of government.”

Timely and accurate information will be readily available under the Roach administration.  “No longer will Freedom of Information Act requests be necessary for every tidbit of information.  No longer will requests for review to the State’s Public Access Officer be necessary for every FOIA request.  Open government processes will eliminate the need for attorney reviews of every request for information and will save O’Fallon from paying unnecessary attorney fees.” declared Mr. Roach.

Herb vows to be accountable to the citizens for the conduct of his administration and for the decisions they make. “We will truly practice transparency and conduct ourselves and city business openly.  My administration will not be cited by the State Attorney General’s office for violating the Open Meetings Act like the current administration has been.” said Mr. Roach,  “No longer will City Council meetings be a “rubber stamping” of “done deals.” No longer will citizens suffer demeaning comments from the dais when they rise to the podium to comment. I insist that the City of O’Fallon become truly a government “of the People, by the People and for the People.”  

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