Community Development

Herb Cares About Creating Community


Quality of life is one of the many factors drawing folks to O’Fallon for over 50 years.  “O’Fallon is a community people enjoy and want to call home.” Herb Roach says, “As your Mayor, I will work to make sure that the quality of life and sense of hometown community is maintained and strengthened for all of our citizens.”
“In addition to maintaining the projects and programs that already make O’Fallon a great place to live, there are some additional items of interest that I will work with Council to initiate.”
Smart Growth Planning. The key elements of this approach are to create a range of housing opportunities and choices; to preserve open space, natural beauty, and critical environmental areas; to make development decisions predictable, fair, and cost effective; and to encourage community and stakeholder collaboration in development decisions that emphasize attracting new businesses to diversify our economy. This will help prevent major impact on our community during an economic downturn. This is a leading element in developing true long term growth.
Herb explained,

“We need to implement what are known as Infill Programs to help revitalize our older neighborhoods. Of particular importance is satisfying the infrastructure needs in the aging areas of the City so that we do not let those districts become run down. This will help adjacent residents improve their quality of life and will protect and enhance the value of all property owners.”
Herb insists on addressing storm water drainage problems. He stated,

“The City has finally gotten around to working on the Presidential Street problems, but it took 15 years to begin implementing fixes supposedly funded by Proposition S, the one-half cent sales tax levy passed in 2001. That delay is simply unacceptable. The City’s Strategic Plan identifies an unfunded need for $2.8 million per year for street paving. If we want to be a “destination city”, we have to look like one.”
”I will ask the Council to use funds the city receives from video gaming to implement a broad range of community building activities. A key part of that is to encourage diverse civic groups to take the lead in bringing our community together. We want to enhance our relations with the Scott Air Force Base community and our senior citizens.  One of those types of activities will be to assist in the coordination of programs and services offered by various agencies for our seniors”
Herb reminisced about community events that have gone by the wayside during the current Mayor’s administration.

“Remember festivals in the City Park? We need to bring community wide activities back. Every community around us has community events. As Mayor, I will do everything in my power to create a community where we know and enjoy our neighbors, where we join together for good times, help each other in bad times and where all residents can count on being valued and included. ”

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