During his time on the City Council, Herb has fought more than any other alderman to reduce or freeze property taxes, in an effort to make it more affordable for homeowners to live and raise their families in O’Fallon.



Herb will be a strong advocate for Economic Growth for O’Fallon. He will use his 40 plus years of Business Development and Small Business Ownership experience to develop economic development plans – Plans that will allow us to use our many assets, to grow and diversify our economy without giving away everything and negatively impacting our infrastructure or continuing to increase the city debt which consumes over 5 Million annually from the city budget for debt service.

As a Small Business Owner, Herb also knows that it is very important to work with our existing businesses to help them prosper & grow, rather than hindering them with additional regulations and restrictions.



Herb believes that city government has a responsibility to the citizens and businesses of O’Fallon to use best practices to control costs and to see that the tax dollars are used wisely rather than increasing and creating new taxes and fees.

He believes that the city should be as accountable with its expenditures, as are our city’s households. Expenditures should be based on solid and fiscally responsible decisions, unlike the recent NGA decision made by another governmental body.



Whenever possible, all of our taxing bodies should work better together to reduce the tax burden on our residents. Many times decisions are made that can negatively impact others.

By working together we can prevent the lawsuits filed &/or threatened by each of our cities school districts against the city in the past. We don’t want to pit one segment of our community against another. We need to work together for the benefit of our entire community.



Homeowners and Businesses should be assured that Herb understands the importance of maintaining and improving the vital infrastructure needs of our community.


No city can maintain itself or grow, unless citizens and businesses know that they have a safe environment in which to live and operate and that they have good water, waste water treatment, storm water drainage and roads. We have seen too often in the news what has happened to cities when these vital infrastructure elements are not maintained.


When the City Administration wanted to sell or lease our water and waste water departments, Herb talked with over a dozen cities and read over 100 documents on the subject. As a result of his independent study concerning its impact on our citizens, he spoke out against the sale or lease. He also pushed to allow the citizens of O’Fallon to be able to vote on the issue.



Herb walks to over 1,200 homes annually in Ward 4. He does annual surveys and holds Town Hall meetings every 6 months to get input from citizens. These meetings have been open to all residents of O’Fallon and have been attended by several city council members from other wards, by county board members and school board members.


He believes that improved communications with citizens, will lead to better decisions on issues impacting our city.





Just as families come together by doing things together, so do communities. Activities that bring a community together are a special part of building a unified city. They also display to others the great community that we have and can showcase many of our local businesses.

Herb wants to foster more activities which will bring our community together and attract others to our community and businesses.



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