Experienced Leadership & a True Voice for the People of O’Fallon      
In the April 2017 city elections, I will provide the citizens of O’Fallon with a NEW choice for Mayor.

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” I have a true DESIRE TO SERVE the residents of O’Fallon. I will bring over 40 years of successful MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE, FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY, INTEGRITY, OPEN COMMUNICATIONS and a record of over 35 years of serving our citizens as both a citizen and businessman to the office of Mayor.”




  • Achieved a record of perfect attendance at our regular Council Meetings since being elected in 2011
  • Voted more than any current council member to freeze or lower property taxes(6 times)
  • Walked Annually (6 times) to over 1,200 homes in my ward to talk with citizens, to listen to their input & concerns and to answer questions they may have
  • Proposed & Worked over 9 months for passage of LOWER ELECTRIC RATE options for residents, which has produced savings of over 20% on electric rates
  • Proposed & Worked to GET THE CITIZENS OF O’FALLON THE RIGHT TO VOTE on the Sale or Lease of O’Fallon’s water & sewer system
  • Opposed the Sale/Lease of our Water & Sewer systems after hours of independent study
  • Worked to eliminate unjustifiable expenditures
  • Held Ward 4 Citizens Town Hall Meetings every 6 months for the last 5 ½ years, for our residents to give input, ask questions and get details on items occurring in O’Fallon


CLEAR and OPEN communications with everyone is very important to me. I’ll be walking through our city to meet & listen to the residents of O’Fallon. It is time for pro-active leadership based on cooperation and a shared interest in our city’s future; a future which encourages all citizens and businesses to provide input.

” I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to utilize my MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE, FINANCIAL EXPERIENCE, COMMUNICATION SKILLS and ACCOUNTABILITY to work for you and the other residents of O’Fallon.”

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